Surge Mac Licensing FAQs

Can I upgrade the number of licenses after purchase?

Yes, there is an upgrade option on the purchase page to upgrade, and the upgrade price is the difference + $10. (If upgrading within 30 days of the original purchase date, you can contact customer service for a refund of the difference after the upgrade.)

How long is the validity of Surge Mac license? Can I continue to enjoy subsequent updates?

Surge Mac license is valid for a lifetime and can enjoy continuous updates within the major version number.

What is the relationship between Surge Mac license and iOS license?

Surge Mac's license and the iOS version are completely independent and unrelated.

Will there be multiple keys for Surge Mac licenses for multiple devices?

There is only one key for multi-device licensing, which can activate multiple devices.

Can I transfer the Surge Mac license quota to someone else?

Surge Mac license allows you to give your quota to your friends or family, but distribution and resale are prohibited. Once reselling is discovered, the license will be banned.

How do I manage which devices are authorized and activated?

Each license can freely activate a limited number of devices.

  1. Activated devices can be used without restrictions for life.

  2. If the number limit is reached, you need to deactivate the old device before activating the new one. The deactivation operation can only be done on the original device. (Settings › License & Updates › Deactivation)

  3. If you cannot operate on the original device (e.g., lost or under repair), you can perform a Reset on the License Management Page to deactivate all devices under the license and regenerate a new license key. This operation can be performed once every 3 days.

Why does it say my license key is incorrect?

  1. First, please make sure that your license key is for the corresponding product. A Surge iOS license key cannot be used for Surge Mac.

  2. Then, make sure the license version and the software version are consistent. If the versions are inconsistent during activation, you will be prompted.

  3. Finally, please note that after performing the Reset operation, the original license key will be invalidated, and a new license key will be sent to your email. If you forget the latest license key, you can visit the License Management Page to resend it.

  4. If you have lost access to the original license email, please fill out this form: Surge License Retrieve

  5. If you have changed the license email, please remember to use the new email for activation.

If you encounter any other issues, please contact and attach a screenshot of the error prompt.

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