Surge iOS Feature Update Subscription

Starting with Surge iOS 4, Surge iOS has begun using a feature update subscription system.

What is a feature update subscription?

Simply put, a one-time purchase can be used for a lifetime, but a renewal is required after one year to unlock newly introduced features, with details as follows:

  • The initial purchase price remains unchanged at $49.99, with a one-year feature update subscription and lifetime usage rights from the date of purchase.

  • The feature update subscription renewal price is $14.99 per year.

  • During the subscription period, all new features are automatically unlocked.

  • After the subscription expires, all unlocked features can still be used for a lifetime.

  • If you don't need the latest updated features, you can temporarily not renew and renew when needed, and all missed new features will be unlocked once renewed.

If you have already purchased Surge iOS Pro

As a Surge iOS Pro purchaser, you can now enjoy more benefits:

  • Permanently use the unlocked features.

  • Permanently free access to enhancement updates for unlocked features.

  • Permanently free access to basic adaptation updates for new devices and systems.

  • Receive a free one-year update subscription, calculated from the purchase date.

  • Renew your feature update subscription when you are interested in new features, completely optional.

This plan is also very advantageous for users who are not planning to update. Under the major version update system, developers usually abandon the maintenance of the old version after the release of the new version. Under the feature update subscription system, even if you do not renew, you can still:

  • Use the unlocked features for life and enjoy bug fixes and enhancement updates for these features.

  • Get basic compatibility updates for new operating systems and devices, such as resolution adaptation and processor architecture adaptation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What new features require a Feature Update Subscription to use?

Generally, only new standalone features are required, while some enhancement features will be provided free of charge to all users. For example, in the recent updates of Surge iOS 3, the following features are considered as new standalone features:

  • Remote Dashboard

  • Always On

  • Snell Proxy

  • Ruleset & External Policy Group

  • Logical Rule: AND, OR, NOT

  • Rule Types: SRC-IP, DEST-PORT

And the rest of the features are free updates.

How do I check my subscription expiration date and how do I renew?

You can view it on the license management page within the app. If you have linked a license email, you can also visit the License Management to inquire and renew.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you subscribed on the official website, you can go to the License Management to turn off automatic renewal. If you subscribed through the iOS App Store, please manage it in the App Store's subscription management page.

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