Surge iOS Licensing FAQs

Surge iOS Pro Personal License is for personal use forever. You can use it on up to three iOS devices that you control or own simultaneously, and it cannot be shared with others. If you have more than 3 devices in regular use, you need to purchase multiple licenses or bind the license to iCloud to get additional 3 slots for free.

You can freely activate and deactivate devices or reset the license to deactivate all devices.

License Binding

Surge iOS Pro license has two binding methods: bound to the Apple ID used for In-App Purchase, and bound to the email address.

  • License purchased through In-App Purchase is bound to the Apple ID used for purchase.

  • License purchased on the official website is bound to the email address.

  • License bound to the email address can be used independently from the Apple ID, meaning you can download or update Surge iOS using any Apple ID and then activate it using the email method.

  • Users with In-App Purchase licenses can bind their email in the App's license management page. After binding, you can use the email to restore the license or continue using the Apple ID for license recovery.

  • After binding your email, you will receive a license information email. Then, in the Pro upgrade interface, click the Restore Purchase button, choose to use email to restore, and enter the information.

  • After binding the email, you can modify the bound email on the License Management.


You can deactivate the device at any time on the current device. In addition, when a device has not been used for Surge for more than 7 days, it will become inactive, and this inactive device can be deactivated by other devices.

License Reset

If you cannot deactivate the devices, you can reset the license to deactivate all devices:

  • When trying to activate the 4th device, you will be prompted to deactivate all devices.

  • Reset on the License Management, which will generate a new license key and invalidate the old one. (For users with email-bound licenses only)

Common Questions

Why can't I find the purchased item when I try to restore an In-App Purchase?

First, make sure you are using the correct Apple ID, and the best way is to check the receipt email for confirmation.

Also, the account used for In-App Purchase recovery may be the account used when installing Surge, rather than the current App Store login account. If the installation account is incorrect, you need to delete and reinstall the app.

I lost my Apple ID, or the status is abnormal and I can't log in. Can I transfer the license binding?

Due to Apple's privacy protection restrictions, developers have no authority to operate Apple ID / In-App Purchase, including but not limited to query, transfer, refund, etc. Please contact Apple customer service for help.

I forgot my email license key or keep getting an error message for activation information

Please note that after resetting the license, the activation code will be reset, and you need to use the latest activation code. If you forget the latest activation code, you can visit the License Management to resend it.

What to do if "Unknown error" occurs when binding email within the App?

This error is a bug in the App Store. Please uninstall Surge iOS and reinstall it before trying again.

Shouldn't the license be valid for life? Why is there an expiration date on the license management page?

Surge iOS's license is valid for life and includes lifetime maintenance updates. At the same time, a one-year "Feature Update Subscription" is automatically included upon purchase, which unlocks new features released within a year after purchase for free. For more information, see [](./ "mention

Upgrade to 6 Device License for Free

Surge iOS license can be used on up to 3 devices, which is intended to prevent large-scale account sharing and piracy. The Surge iOS license has always been a "personal license". However, the 3-device limit has indeed caused inconvenience for some users.

To meet users' reasonable needs as much as possible, you can bind the Surge iOS license to your iCloud account, and after binding, the number of devices you can use will be extended to 6 for free.

  1. Before binding, you must first bind an email for the license.

  2. You can bind to iCloud on the app's license management page. During the binding process.

  3. After binding, all devices except the current one will be deactivated.

  4. On other devices, you need to use the email activation feature to reactivate. (Email and key will be automatically entered)

  5. The activation process will confirm whether it is the same iCloud account. If different, the activation will be denied.

  6. During use, if you switch/logout your iCloud account, the activation status will become invalid.

  7. The various operations and logic of activation and deactivation are consistent before and after binding.

  8. You can restore the bound license to an unbound state, and the number of authorized devices will be reduced back to 3. This operation can be performed at least 24 hours after binding. You can use this feature to bind another iCloud account.

  9. iCloud accounts and App Store accounts are independent and not the same. This feature has nothing to do with the purchase account or the current App Store login account. Please confirm the current iCloud account from the top of the system settings.

  10. It is possible that iCloud data anomalies may cause activation failure even if the correct iCloud account is used. You can go to the License Management to log in, reset the license to forcibly unbind the iCloud, and rebind.

During the binding process, the user's iCloud storage will be verified as the same account by writing a verification key. Surge does not and cannot access the user's iCloud Apple ID.

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