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Explanation of skip-proxy Parameter

The skip-proxy parameter in the configuration may be misunderstood by some users due to naming issues. This document is intended to explain the specific function of this parameter.
In short, when Surge iOS/Mac configures itself as the system proxy, it also configures the content in the skip-proxy parameter to the system's "Bypass Proxy" settings, just like manually configuring the network proxy.
  • If Surge Mac only checks "Set as System Proxy" and does not enable Enhanced Mode, then the requests of the hostnames in the parameter will not be taken over by Surge, and all Surge-related features will not take effect.
  • If Surge Mac checks "Set as System Proxy" and enables Enhanced Mode, or if it is on Surge iOS, then the parameter will change the takeover mode of the corresponding requests from proxy takeover to Surge VIF takeover. Surge's various features will still work, but there will be differences in detail.
So, it does not mean that the hostnames configured in the skip-proxy parameter will not use proxy forwarding. This parameter only affects the way requests are taken over by Surge.
  • For the specific differences in takeover methods, please refer to Official Guidance:Understanding Surge.
  • Some Apps may ignore and skip content in the proxy even if they follow the system proxy settings, depending on the application's proxy implementation.